We offer fresh products that are vegetarian and vegan, in a variety of flavors and combinations.

Poké bowl. Curry. Pasta. Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Banana bread. Smoothie Bowl. Bliss ball. Fresh Juice. Overnight Oats. Kombucha. Ginger shot. We have something for every taste!

A great deal of our menu is gluten-friendly. We use the term gluten-friendly for our meals that are prepared without gluten. Perfect for people who choose to eat less gluten or are sensitive. We handle our meals and products with great care, but can’t guarantee 100% gluten-free: this is why we use the term gluten-friendly on our meals. We also offer meals that are gluten-friendly ánd are free of animal products.

Our meals are prepared with the freshest products, no unnecessary conservatives and are made with love by our professional chefs. Designed by our dietitians, our meals are nutritious, filling and tasteful and packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Every eater, big or small, we have options for everyone! Healthy sweets, large meals or refreshing drinks, you can find almost anything in the Health Food Wall.

Besides our own fresh products we offer items from different partners that are just as obsessed with offering you the most delicious healthy products as we are.



We are passionate about your health and our world so we use bio-degradable and FSC certified packaging whenever possible. We strive for 100% bio-biodegradable packaging. All of our meals are packed in PLA packaging, and we strive to use FSC certified material.

The meals are sealed with lockable lids, which makes them perfect for on – the – go and guarantees no spillage. This makes it easy to enjoy our delicious meals at home!

“Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking, a way of being, a principle we must be guided by.”

We include cutlery in our Locker Automat for direct consumption. The products are sold with biodegradable cutlery including a napkin, so you can enjoy your purchase right away.

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Interested in our service? We’d love to introduce our products to you! Get a small group together to try a selection of our best products. We are excited to show you why you definitely need the option to enjoy our food at your canteen.

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We will deliver our Taste Box to your location for free, so you can enjoy a selection of the products that we offer through our Health Food Wall automats. Made with love and care by our chefs, we can’t wait to let you taste our yummy items.

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All products are made fresh and no treatment is used to prolong expiration date. All you are getting is crispy fresh food, made with as little additives as possible. Our wish is for you to experience good food, with only great taste and fresh quality.