Locker Automat

With the use of our innovative technology, it is possible to get a healthy meal within seconds. With the growing fast pace of life, people wish to eat better but can’t find the time to prepare healthy meals. We want to make the choice for a delicious meal faster and easier, leaving the customer with a good meal and more time.

Good food for us means being conscious about people’s health, the environment and animal welfare. The meals offered through the automat are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-friendly and are packed in bio-degradable and FSC certified materials.

You can find our Locker Automat at Schiphol Airport before customs at Schiphol Plaza, next to the train stations!

This is what makes the Locker Automat unique

1. Direct purchase

Customers can use card or other contactless payment method for purchase, including company card or badge, dependent of the wishes of the client.

2. Pick-up and QR-code

If the Locker Automat is connected to online sales platform, customers can purchase the desired item online and pick-up the item from the automat with custom QR-code.

3. Online Portal

An online portal is used by Health Food Wall to manage and monitor sales. The online portal gives Health Food Wall real-time insight in sales which reduces waste and optimizes logistics.

Intelligent Fridge

Health Food Wall’s Intelligent Fridge is the newest innovation in vending.
Using RFID-tags and our custom app, customers can enjoy a healthy product within seconds. The Fridge is smaller and can hold more products than our Locker Automat, which makes the Smart Fridge incredibly suitable for office canteens, universities and hospitals.

Health Food Wall offers full-service to our clients, which means that our clients only enjoy the benefits of our Fridges. We make sure the Intelligent Fridge is filled with the best vegan products that we deliver fresh for your employees, students or guests enjoyment.

The Intelligent Fridge fits more than 150 delicious products, which makes it a suitable solution for canteens everywhere. We refill the automats depending on the demand, so every location can enjoy a full fridge.

Placement of the Intelligent Fridge is easy! All we need is a power outlet and 1 square feet. We make sure that the Intelligent Fridge is installed and ready to use from day one.

There are different pricing models that we customize for every client. Give us a call or book a free tasting so we can tell you more! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions either. We look forward to talking to you!

“By receiving data that shows the amount of products sold, the productivity hours, product allergens and nutritional information, as well as offering personalized consumer messaging options and real-time inventory insight, we provide a fully integrated food service for your business. Our Intelligent Fridge can fit into any space in any building, which ensures that you can provide your guests and employees fresh food 24/7.”

Health food wall app

To use our Smart Fridge, all you have to do is download our free app in the Google Play store or App Store. Whenever you pass by the Smart Fridge and you fancy a treat, the only thing keeping you away from your healthy fudge brownie is a QR-code that you can scan on the fridge. The door will open automatically for you to grab the product that you desire. Simply close the door afterwards, and the product is processed automatically from your account. It’s that simple!

1. Find the HFW Smart Fridge

2. Download the free app and scan the QR-code

3. Pick a meal or drink and close the door

4. Enjoy your delicious item!

Benefits of the service of the Health Food Wall

We offer full service to our customers, meaning that after installation you don’t have to worry about a thing! The Health Food Wall team makes sure the fridge is filled, cleaned, and monitored. We make sure our clients and customers only experience the many benefits of Health Food Wall, and we take care of all the rest.


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Sales monitoring

Financial solutions

Health Food Wall offers custom financial solutions such as rent on a monthly basis or investment model with payback period. We are sure that we can offer you the right kind of model for your business.

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