Do you want to open health food wall in your country?

Health Food Wall took off in many branches throughout the Netherlands. Now we’re looking for ambitious partners from cities around the globe to join our mission of providing healthy, vegetarian and vegan food as fast and easy as fast food.

As we are receiving requests to do disrupt the current food retail market with Health Food Wall from cities all around the world, we want to provide potential licensees with all the information they need to get a general understanding of our concept. Our goals for potential licensees are always to become hugely successful and to run Health Food Wall In the most beneficial way possible. By combining our concept with your determination, knowledge, experience and drive we will reach our shared goals.

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Main target areas for Health Food Wall

Travel Retail

Travel is declining due to Covid-19. The remaining travellers seek safe and fast optionsfor their food and drinks. Current caterers seek solutions to stay profitable with less customers. Public transportation locations like Railway Stations or Motorway Service Stations are seeking fresh grab-and-go products and concepts.


Hospitals and Healthcare Channels are looking to provide their staff and guests with healthy options that promote vitality. Health Food Wall contributes to a healthy, fresh and plant-based diet and is a fast and convenient option


Students are demanding healthier options and are very conscious about health, animal welfare and environment. They are willing to spend more for better items. University campuses are interesting locations for Health Food Wall.

Commercial Buildings

(Co-work) Offices are experiencing difficulties to provide their employees with safe catering options. Health Food Wall is a solution for officies without catering, or as additional plant based catering option next to currently existing catering. Health Food Wall could also be suitable for Convention Centers and Shopping Malls.

Sports & Fitness

Gyms, Large Sport Clubs or Sports Arenas can benefit from the 24/7 and unmanned vending option Health Food Wall. Target groups in these channels are often very aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how food contributes to health and vitality.

Interested in licensing Health Food Wall? We kindly ask you to complete the License Application Form (LAF) linked above and send the form to for review. Review will take a maximum of two weeks.

This application does not obligate either party in any manner. All information provided is kept confidential and will not be disclosed expect for purpose of verification.

In this document you will find the most frequently asked questions we get regarding licensing Health Food Wall. Check out the form to see if any questions you may have are answered inside this document. The first step to contact us is to fill out the License Application Form (LAF) provided on this page. If you have any additional questions or remarks you may contact us through