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With your donation, we will deliver healthy meals, wraps and breakfast bowls to locations and people in the Zaanstreek that are in need of our help. Each week, Health Food Wall will choose a different cause, to help as many different people as possible.

In times like these a simple ‘thank you’ means the world to people that need it the most. Everyone can feel the hit we all took, and in times like these, the Health Food Wall team believes that we should ask ourselves, what can we do for each other? With these donations, we can play our part in giving good, healthy food – something we can all use during these times. This is what we can contribute, and we thank you so much for your contribution that makes this all possible!

Why did we choose the Zaanstreek? Health Food Wall’s management team has its origins in this area of The Netherlands. Both Health Food Wall’s founder Anouk Snelders, and Tom Meijer grew up here. They know that the Zaanstreek, being neighbors of Amsterdam, could use extra support in times like these.


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Health Food Wall is founded in 2018 and opened its first pop-up store in the center of Amsterdam with great success.

Health Food Wall is the modern day solution for fast, convenient and healthy take-away meals. With the use of innovative technology, a healthy meal only takes a couple of seconds to obtain, making Health Food Wall the fastest healthy meal solution on the market today.

The customizable automates are an excellent solution for public transportation, headquarters, hospitals, event centers and more.

Today you can find Health Food Wall at Schiphol Plaza to supply travelers, guests and employees with a convenient and fast healthy meal, and at RAI during the larger events. We also supply guests and employees of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, the first hospital in The Netherlands to provide 24/7 plant based products. 


With the use of our innovative technology, it is possible to get a healthy meal within seconds. With the growing fast pace of life, people wish to eat better but can’t find the time to prepare healthy meals. We want to make the choice for a delicious meal faster and easier, leaving the customer with a good meal and more time. 

Good food for us means being conscious about people’s health, the environment and animal welfare. The meals offered through the automat are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-friendly and are packed in bio-degradable and FSC certified materials. 

The customizable automat can fit into almost every space, making it easier than ever for businesses and employers to supply customers and employees with healthy meals, wraps, snacks and drinks. 


We offer meals that are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-friendly, in a variety of flavors and combinations.  We use the term gluten-friendly for our meals that are prepared without gluten. Perfect for people who choose to eat less gluten or are sensitive. We handle our meals and products with great care, but can’t guarantee 100% gluten-free: this is why we use the term gluten-friendly on our meals. We also offer meals that are gluten-friendly ánd are free of animal products. 

Our meals are prepared with the freshest products, no unnecessary conservatives and are made with love by our professional chefs. Designed by our dietitians, our meals are nutritious, filling and tasteful and packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Besides our meals we offer fruit and vegetable juices and shots by Dr. Detox, made from delicious fruits and vegetables. 

We are about your health and our world so we use bio-degradable and FSC certified packaging only.



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Schiphol Plaza

Schiphol Dutch Airport is the first airport to offer their travelers, employees and visitors an unique and innovative healthy take-away experience.
People from all over the world visit Schiphol Plaza which makes for a high demand in take-away food, speed and efficiency.
Health Food Wall offers its customers this fast service in combination with delicious and fresh meals of different tastes and flavors.

Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC, Universitair Medisch Centra with location AMC is the first hospital in The Netherlands to offer their employees, guests and visitors a 24/7 healthy service with Health Food Wall. They show that their care goes beyond medical.

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To achieve the highest quality of products, we made connections and work together with various highly skilled and passionate partners.


Anouk Snelders – Founder
“With my passion for food and innovation, my goal is to offer a solution for the growing demand for healthy food, speed and efficiency. Health Food Wall achieves this goal. My background as dietitian and vegetarian chef gives me the opportunity to understand the market and strive for a great product and brand.”

Tom Meijer – Business Manager
“My daily goal is to make Health Food Wall thrive. With my knowledge of hospitality and operations Health Food Wall can continue to grow and offer the best service for its customers.”



Health Food Wall Schiphol International Airport
Vertrekpassage 35, Schiphol Plaza
1118 CP, Schiphol
The Netherlands
Open 24/7

Health Food Wall Amsterdam UMC, location AMC
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Open 24/7

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