We are here to make choosing healthy a little easier

Health Food Wall is founded in 2018 and opened its first pop-up store in the center of Amsterdam with great success.

Health Food Wall is the modern day solution for fast, convenient and healthy take-away products. With the use of innovative technology, a healthy and fresh product only takes a couple of seconds to obtain, making Health Food Wall the fastest healthy meal solution on the market today.

Our Locker Automat concept is famous for its location at Schiphol Airport.

Our Intelligent Fridge is perfect for offices, universities, gyms or other locations where there is a demand for a flexible, 24/7 available and healthy canteen solution. We have rolled out our service with our Fridges throughout The Netherlands.

Katey Neperus

KLM stewardess

“Health Food Wall helps me enormously in maintaining a healthy lifestyle because of the easy acces. Health Food Wall is open 24/7 and makes healthy living so much easier. Great job!”

Dennis van Miltenburg

Author, Speaker, Coach

“Health Food Wall is a revolutionary way to get healthy and plant based meals on the go. The fact that this profound new concept makes healthy vegan food available for everyone everywhere, is astonishing.”

Michael Pilarczyk

Media-entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

“Finally. What a great solution! Health Food Wall is my favorite location to catch a quick and healthy bite. Health Food Wall is there for my healthy snack cravings. This should be available everywhere.”

Hi, nice to meet you!

My passion for healthy food originated from my own health and fitness journey. As a teen, I never really payed much attention to what I ate, and my health seemed to come naturally. After my teens, I started developing an interest for fitness and eating more healthy. I noticed a significant change in my energy level and confidence, which made me want to help others achieve the same positive change that a healthy lifestyle can bring!

I got my business degree in Food and Dietetics, with additional interest in a holistic approach to health and nutrition. This additional interest let me to start practicing and studying yoga, and eventually to become a yoga teacher. I got jobs in vegetarian and vegan kitchens, where my passion for plant-based food and experience with recipe development grew. Being in the kitchen is where I am most in my element, and seeing people enjoying good, healthy food is one of my greatest joys.

My excitement for delicious and healthy food made me realize that this kind of food is no where near as available as unhealthy fast food. In many cases people are motivated to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, but unfortunately the current market gives priority to cheap, fast and easy food. I decided that it was time for a change: to make nutritious, vegetarian and vegan food just as available, fast and easy as fast-food. The idea of Health Food Wall was born.

My wish is to keep making healthy food available for you, our cherished customer, so you can make a healthy choice wherever you are. Wether it is at the office, at the hospital, at a campus or at public transportation, you should be able to choose what’s best for you. I hope I can introduce our delicious, nourishing and fresh food to you at one of our locations.

Made with love,

Anouk Snelders

“Being in the kitchen is where I am most in my element, and seeing people enjoying good, healthy food is one of my greatest joys”


The innovative hardware/software combo makes buying a fresh, healthy meal or snack the work of seconds. The concept is already sweeping its native Netherlands due to the ability to locate the automats almost anywhere people might be. It’s a solution for a world that is increasingly fast paced but sensitive to health and environmental impact.

We absolutely love talking about healthy food and our brand! Health Food Wall has the honor to be featured by leading brands from all over the world.